“My Destiny will never get the best of me… It will get the best of me… Because that is my Destiny!” – Kinsman 2017


Kinsman has been involved in the world of music since 1983 where he successfully flowed with several crews from The Wildbunch to Smith & Mighty to 3PM who feature on the late 80’s hits “Anyone” and “Walk On”.

Having first picked up the mic rapping as Mello Z and playing local venues with his crew KC Rock, Kinsman soon became MC Krissy Kriss and went on to work with many prolific Bristol artists, with roots stretching back to Massive Attack’s early days.

Kinsman has seen, heard and spoken it all!

In the late 80’s Kinsman joined forces with MC Kelz & DJ Lynx and formed 3PM (3 Man Posse Move). 3PM rocked the mic at Jams & on the radio right into the late 90’s.

Then in 1996 Kinsman was born…and going solo this time! The last few years have found Kinsman working on many exciting musical projects & collaborations. The most recent being “The Summer Tour 2016” across Europe with Full Cycle/Fresh 4 DJ & producer SUV and a Summer Spain Tour in 2017.

Releasing 2 EP’s with a third due in early 2018 with Bristol producer Joe Virus and a limited edition of the rare un-released tracks from Bristol’s own legendary Hip Hop crew 3PM in Winter 2017, the next few years are looking promising.

Through his work Kinsman intends to shine with the strength of quality rap & hard earned experience.

Dubbed an Iconic Black Bristolian:


“Kinsman, known as one of Bristol’s most prolific artists, brings you explosive offerings of British Hip Hop labelled “FutureOldSkool” by critics”

“Providing a truly positive sound Kinsman is without doubt one of the best Hip-Hop MC’s that we have ever come across. His latest EP ‘For The Record’ is a class A example of Bristol Hip-Hop pedigree”

“Intelligent lyrics, 21st century sound”

Read Kinsman’s latest interview with Shirley Etaix from Bristol Archive records-


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31/08/18 - 02/09/18One Love FestivalONELOVEFESTIVAL.CO.UK

Kinsman |  One Love Reggae and Ska Festival

Kinsman at past events
Kinsman |  Upfest

Kinsman |  TLC

Kinsman |  Keynshaw Music Festival

Kinsman Rope-a-Dope November 4th

Kinsman Boat Party London

Kinsman Summer Tour

Kinsman Tobacco Factory

Kinsman at KMF

Kinsman June Launch

Kinsman at The Basement

Kinsman at Sam's 5oth Birthday

Kinsman Upfest July